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Dear wholesale and retail buyers of our products!

Mark “Dealer” means that that there is organization which sells Sky Lanterns and has exclusive sale right of Sky Lanterns in this city! Please be attentive! If you live in this city turn directly to them for all questions connected with supply of Sky Lanterns, payment for Sky Lanterns, purchase of Sky Lanterns, promotion of Sky Lanterns.

Wholesale and retail prices of our Dealer and prices of the company “Sky Lanterns” can differ! Dealer independently forms prices for Sky Lanterns!

In case of wholesale purchase of Sky Lanterns you are entitled to require our Dealer to submit you all necessary documentation for the products, certificates and patents, experts’ conclusions.

We appeal to you for loyal attitude to our Dealers! As all we do we do specially for you!

If you wish to become our Dealer for sale of Sky Lanterns, you should get in touch with us by any contact indicated on the website in the insert “Contacts”.