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We invite you for collaboration


We are happy to propose you collaboration with us! You can become our regular partner, purchase our products by way of barter, work with constant discounts, and become exclusive dealer on the territory of certain region or autonomy.

We are always ready to make a compromise. In all cases we will consider your proposals, answer all your questions, provide with all necessary information! Working with us you will obtain the following possibilities:

  1. To work directly with manufacturer (we produce over 30% of our product range for you by hand;
  2. To purchase the good from our company being exclusive distributor of many Asian plants at the best prices;
  3. To elaborate and take out a patents mutually for new shapes and color combinations of Sky Lanterns;
  4. To improve structures according to your wishes;
  5. To elaborate design of individual packing and labels of Sky Lanterns;
  6. To obtain information about shapes, types and colors of Sky Lanterns scheduled to put in the market;
  7. Quality control: control of faults and defects arisen as a result of hand work is carried out during manufacture, assembly, manufacture and packing of Sky Lanterns;
  8. Marketing services: we can meet your halfway during advertising of graphic projects and instructive information about our products. Creation of Sky Lanterns is attractive and efficient choice for retail.

You can send your offers right now to e-mail: (to view address turn on JavaScript)