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How to make Sky Lantern by your own hands?

Many people founding of launching Sky Lanterns used to wonder: “How to make Sky Lantern by my own hands?” But most of them don’t know the answer. To make Sky Lantern is not so difficult, however it is difficult to make Sky Lantern which would successfully fly up in the sky and enjoy you by its flight. It is rather complicated to disclose complete technology of manufacture but we will give you some advances which would help you to make Sky Lantern by your own hands:

  1. The paper for Sky Lanterns is impregnated with liquid preventing it from combustion.
  2. The paper is also soft and thin but very strong. It is should be noted.
  3. Determine the size. One meter height is enough to start; Sky Lantern of such dimensions will successfully fly up in the sky.
  4. Choose shape for your Sky Lantern. We advise you to choose simple shape, for example Brilliant or Heart.
  5. After determining shape and size let’s pass to the most important stage – choosing paper. Paper is the most important component of Sky Lantern. It should be light for you to make Flying Lantern but not flammable. The weight shouldn’t exceed 25 g per one square meter. With such weight Sky Lantern will be able to fly up almost at any conditions.
  6. Then impregnate your paper with antipyrene; it will let you to reduce soaking and combustion significantly. Then cut out of paper four parts 110x100 lengthening to the bottom and fattened in the top. Then glue them together. After it make framework of any light wood or another material. Lantern is ready!
  7. To make a burner do the following: melt wax, take a piece of fabric and impregnate it with hot wax (there are various combinations possible); the burner is ready.

In this way you can make Sky Lantern by your own hands, but it may not be true that it will fly up. Hand-made Sky Lanterns are very dangerous and it is not recommended to launch them as they can inflame and burn you.

If you cannot make Sky Lantern by your own hands but you like handiwork you can buy Sky Lantern and paint it to your own taste. Hand-made Sky Lanterns are dangerous therefore it’s better to by Sky Lanterns in our store.