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Небесные фонарики купить


We are happy to inform you about opening of our website! Company “Sky Lanterns” is involved into production and sale of Sky Lanterns wholesale and retail. It is created to give you holiday and plenty of positive emotions. In our website you can buy Sky Lanterns of various shapes, colours and dimensions! Sky Lanterns (also called “fire lanterns”, “flying lanterns”, “wish dirigibles” etc.) act as air balloon: filling with hot air they slowly rise into the sky making us happy by their flight.

Partially our company is producer; we sell the products directly from manufacturers from Thailand and China. Therefore we can provide high quality of service and law prices. Our goods are absolutely safe and environmentally safe (consist of natural components only), protected by patents and certificates. We propose wedding Sky Lanterns, Sky Lanterns for celebrations and festivals, Sky Lanterns of various shapes, colours and dimensions (in shape of heart, in shape of Hallowing pumpkin, in shape of football etc.). We invite you to our Internet-store and hope that our range of goods, delivery all over Russia and the world as well as low prices will be a pleasant surprise for you. To buy Sky Lantern please make an order. As a producer we guarantee perfect quality and timely delivery. If you wish to purchase the goods wholesale, you are welcome to the insert FOR THE WHOLESALER (in the left upper corner of the website). Thank you for choosing us!

Team of the company "Sky Lanterns"

Dimensions: 28

Pyramid small

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Available colors 

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