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About us

Sky Lanterns is brand new, sensational product for the whole world. They appeared in the market just several decades ago (except Asian countries, of course). Our company has been dealing with these products since 2007. In 2009 we arranged supply from ones of the best producers to offer you perfect quality, variety of colors and shapes and acceptable prices. We are exclusive importer of these goods from the factories of Thailand and China. We also produce some types of Sky Lanterns independently. Our goods are certified and protected with patents. We are continually improving our products proposing new colour decisions and types of Sky Lanterns undoubtedly able to satisfy needs of the most exacting clients.

Nowadays leaders of wholesale and retails of Sky Lanterns are situated in China and Thailand, but there are also producers of these products in Russia. Sky Lanterns can be bought in Russia wholesale and retail almost in every big city. Gradually we are increasing dealers’ network to make purchases more convenient. Though you can buy products being in any city and any country, we will deliver Sky Lanterns in any point of the world. You can choose delivery method when making order.

This attribute is safe element of any celebration. It can give you new emotions, joy and beauty of flight. For sport fans we specially elaborated Sky Lanterns in shape of National flag, football. Now we are preparing new surprises. Foe wedding salons we propose wide range of Sky Lanterns in shape of heart. Advertising agencies and companies wishing to celebrate their birthdays carry out various actions and advertising campaign can satisfy their needs at the account of using such huge Sky Lanterns as MegaCube and SuperMegaCube. We are elaborating new shapes of Sky Lanterns intended specially for celebrating various events: Hallowing, Christmas, Victory Day, etc. You can see some of them in Internet-store of our website. Please go to the section Internet-store to buy Sky Lanterns.

We invite for collaboration Dealers, Advertising Agencies, Sport Clubs, Wedding Agencies, Greeting Services, Gift Stores and Internet-stores. We propose extremely low prices for wholesale orders. You can become our official dealers and obtain additional discounts and bonuses.

Team of the company "Sky Lanterns"