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Sky Lantern is paper celebration article intended for:

1. Celebration decoration, carrying out, arrangement and accompanying celebrations and mass events.

2. Giving as present for birthday, wedding, February 14, March 8, February 23, May 9, Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

3. Carrying out and arrangement of advertising campaign in form of advertising area.

In Asia, namely in Japan, Northern Thailand, Taiwan and China, Sky Lanterns are traditionally used during many centuries. Local population launch them during festivals, nationals celebrations, religious events. There is ancient legend narrating that launching Sky Lanterns into the sky a person purifies his sole and get into contact with his ancestors and people who went to better world. The Legend tells that loving pair launching Khoom Loy (Sky Lantern) in the sky every year during significant event become stronger; and love uniting sweethearts comes up with a bang. The whole power contained in mystic of this oldest inventory is explained by symbolical burning (purification) and simultaneous driving for the sky (to God).

Loy Kratong or Light Festival (Sky Lanterns Festival) is one of the most favorite holidays in Thailand. This holiday accompanied by mass launching of Sky Lanterns appeared in XIII century. From that time neither the name nor traditions of this holiday changed. Ears are blocked due to whistling and cannonade, petard explosions and salute crash. A group of flying lanterns (Sky Lanterns) shoots upwards into night sky.

These light paper lanterns considered as the most ancient balloons are called here “Khom Loy” or “Khum Loy”. “Khom” means “round”, “Loy” means “to fly”, and “Khum” means lantern. In the holiday night they are launched all over the city; points shining from far away can be taken as UFO. Due to it, Sky Lanterns often were taken as UFO all over the world. Launching of Sky Lanterns which as bantam balloon by their nature requires not only Asian dexterity but indeed Eastern patient!

Sky Lanterns are launched in the open air. If Khum Loy failed to fly up and got tangled in the trees’ branches or wires, it is very bad omen. It used to be a reason of many misfortunes! In the ancient times many wooden houses burned down due to unsuccessfully launched balloons in Chiang Mai. At twelve o’clock in the night sharp in the full moon of the twelfth month according to moon calendar people all over the country go to rivers and channels to perform ancient ritual, putting to water kratongs with burning candles. This midnight in Chiang Mai the whole river is covered by lights floating in the water. It is amazing performance which can be seen in Thailand only!

Slight crows out of people willing to come closer to water are created on the shore. But nobody quarrel. Quarrel in such day means damage for own karma. Every person should put kratong to water with his own hands praying before it – then the result will be much better. Before sending kratong to floating the Thais make whishes and ask for success in personal matters and prosperity in future year for themselves and for their families. Putting kratong they sincerely trust in fortune.

In the same way their ancestries – inhabitants of everlasting city Chiang Mai - trusted in it during many centuries.

Traditionally Sky Lanterns are manufactured of oiled rise paper, bamboo frame and fuel element in for of wax. Nowadays they are more often manufactured of mulberry tree paper as it is denser, all-purpose and accessible. In the moment when we burn the burner its heat create lifting force (like balloon with cover filled with hot air) allowing Sky Lantern to fly up. There are many types of Sky Lanterns as well as fuel elements, Flight time depends on their dimensions and weather conditions; as a rule it amounts to at least 15 minutes. Unlike most of fireworks, all Sky Lanterns are made of biodegradable materials (ecological materials easily decomposing in natural conditions without any harm for environment). As a rule they are safe, but it is necessary to observe safety rules during operation like for any other products with fire application.

We don’t advise you to use Sky Lanterns when it’s raining. Light precipitations / drizzling rain will not prevent them from flying up but impression from the flight will be absolutely another. More favourable conditions for balloon launching are good weather with slight wind and free space without such obstacles as electricity transmission lines, trees or buildings. Cloudless sky is preferable for maximum visibility.

You can receive Sky Lanterns in dismounted form of in mounted form. Safety rules and assembly manual are enclosed to every order. Their assembly doesn’t’ require application of special instruments. Our products can be launched both by many people simultaneously and by each of them individually.

Our products are not only amazing attribute for every holiday but also effective linen for applying any information. Original forms (included ones manufactured by individual orders) are new mean of communication between the consumer and the manufacturer. Imagine, for instance, Sky Lantern in shape of beer battle! It is real godsend for beer manufacturers whose brand will be elaborated for the youth and associated with holiday and merriment!