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Advertisement on Sky Lanterns

Advertising is integral part of production and sale. It is difficult to overestimate its role in business because thanks to successful advertising actions goods obtain unheard-of popularity and companies’ ratings extremely rise.

Advertising is first of all a method to make you known. The brighter you do it the greater your chances to conquer market and receive maximum profit. Advertising on Sky Lanterns is completely new, original and efficient type of advertising. The main advantages of this method are incredible spectacularity and low prices.

Launching Sky Lanterns to the sky will beautify every corporate celebration and attract attention of wide public to promo-actions. Fire balls floating over the heads will stay in people’s memory for a long time; and the name of your company will also stay with them! It is splendid way to celebrate company’s anniversary or to carry out advertising campaign. In the first case Sky Lanterns will advantageously replace usual and unsafe fireworks; in the second case they will leave indifferent nobody, even occasional viewer. Enthusiastic eyewitnesses will certainly start making photos flying Sky Lanterns with your logotype and then share their impressions with their friends and family. Isn’t it the most efficient promotion?

According to individual order we can produce goods of any shape. Sky Lanterns in shape of MegaCube and SuperMegaCube suit the best for advertising purposes as they are ready canvas for applying any logotype. If your company is involved into sale of fruits and vegetable for example, then ordered Lanterns in shape of pumpkin, apple, tomato, etc. will be excellent advertising. Our designers will elaborate unique product especially for you; it will be able to conquer consumers’ hearts as nobody can resist a miracle!