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We take care about safety of our clients. Therefore we enclose below operation manual for Sky Lanterns both in text version and in version for printing. It is not recommended to launch Sky Lanterns in the sky if there are high-rise buildings, electricity transmission lines or airport territory nearby. It is also recommended to abstain from merriment in case of strong wind or rain. In windy weather you will not enjoy Sky Lantern flying away with mad speed (instead of slow romantic soaring); during heavy shower Sky Lantern has all chances to fail flying up and stay with you.

Observe all rules and enjoy incredible spectacle!

Attention! Launching Sky Lanterns is prohibited for children! It’s not a toy! There are small components in the Sky Lanterns structure! There are sharp ends on the wire! It requires open fire source! Flammable!

Operation manual

Consumer is responsible for safe usage of Sky Lantern. The Seller is nor responsible for the damage caused as a result of irregular usage of products or non-observance of operation manual and safety rules. Please read operation manual attentively before usage!

To secure you and your friends during launching and contacts with flammable elements of Sky Lanterns please follow safety rules and operation manual. If there is light wind during launching you should determine its direction to avoid Lantern landing to house, dry forest or airport territory. In case you are going to make mass launching notify fire service about it. Following all indicated norms, rules, and safety requirements you will enjoy unforgettable spectacle during launching Sky Lanterns. Always try to avoid possible fire threat. Please throw away packing materials in the specially intended places.

Frequently asked questions about Sky Lantern:

1. Is it necessary to obtain permission for Lanterns launching?

Usually permission is not required. However you should get in touch with fire service to avoid unpremeditated arson.

Exception: 15-20 km away from national airports and/or 50 km away from international airports (including air space) launching Sky Lantern is prohibited.

Important: Usage of Sky Lanterns abroad should be approved by security services of this country. Consumer abroad is responsible for observing safety rules of this country.

2. How to use the most suitable place for launching Sky Lanterns?

We recommend using Sky Lanterns in the open air without any facilities (electricity transmission lines, trees and buildings. Cloudless sky is the most suitable for the best visibility. Don’t launch near flammable gases or liquids.

3. What weather conditions suit for launching?

The best conditions are quiet weather with light wind. Wind speed shouldn’t exceed 2-3 m/s in the moment of Sky Lantern launching due to risk of flight course shift.

4. How can I make a wish with a help of Sky Lanterns?

You can right your wish down in the special sticker (if it is provided by the structure of Sky Lantern) and carefully fix it to wire structure in the foundation of Sky Lantern without injuring combustible element. Flying away in the sky all your wishes will come true.

5. How high Sky Lantern can rise in the sky and how long will it stay visible?

One Sky Lantern can fly during 5-20 minutes in good weather and reach height 200-500 m. The following factors influence flight duration: dimensions of Sky Lantern, dimension of combustible element, air temperature, temperature fluctuation on various heights, place of launch (valley, elevation, wind protection), wind speed.

6. What happens after complete combustion of combustible element?

As soon as fuel is completely burnt down Sky Lantern slowly is sinking to the ground without any threat of fire.

We don’t advise you to use Sky Lanterns when it’s raining. Light precipitations / drizzling rain will not prevent them from flying up but during heavy shower it will be impossible.

Initial state of Sky Lanterns and combustible element cannot be modified or changed.

Sky Lanterns are manufactured of biodegradable materials: rice paper, bamboo body processed in nature during a short period of time.

Sky Lanterns SHOULDN’T BE launched by persons under 18!

Manual for preparation of Sky Lanterns for launching – Please read it attentively before usage of Sky Lanterns (please, see pictures below)

Carefully take Sky Lantern from the packing and thoroughly smooth it out.

Take combustible element and fix it to four ends of the wire in the foundation of Sky Lantern.

Completely open Sky Lantern and hold it straight. Then burn combustible element by lighter in several places for even filling Sky Lantern with hot air. You should control that fire shouldn’t touch paper.

Combustible element should flame up enough for Lantern to fly up filling with hot air. It will take 30-90 seconds. Then Sky Lantern will "long for the sky" by itself.

Release Sky Lantern by both hands; then look up enjoying extraordinary beautiful spectacle!