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Inscriptions on Sky Lanterns

Sometimes there is no place for joy in our life; therefore we’d like to make every event unforgettable, especially if this event is connected with loved people. To send your greetings on the occasion of St. Valentines’ Day, Wedding, Birthday or anniversary is very easy! It’s enough to order Sky Lantern in shape of heart with inscription “I love you”, burn it under the balcony of your better half and launch it in the sky striking her with beauty and romance of this spectacle. If you want to make an individual inscription on Sky Lantern devoted to a certain person, just order it; and we’ll make it on any Sky Lantern presented in the Internet-store.

There are several standard inscriptions applied by us: “Happy Birthday!”, “Happy New Year!”, “I love you”, “Good bye, School!”, “Happy Women’s Day!” etc. They undoubtedly will make your loved people happy.

Make a wish launching in the Sky Lantern with your names. It will come true for sure.

Make a joy for yourself!